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  • I did three months internship in an advertisement company in Singapore. Advertising was a totally new area for me but my boss decided to let me learn by doing and I was responsible for a project, took part of creative executions and observed the actual advertisement productions. The company gave me space to unfold my ability which I really appreciate.

    文章一Spain, Hotel Management Intern in Shanghai
  • I was looking for internship in finance; my goal was to learn more about sales support systems, administrative support of daily operations, marketing support, financial markets. I did my internship in an international insurance company in Shanghai and I learnt a lot during my assignment. The areas I learnt about were especially analysis, processes, Asian culture and project management. The work atmosphere was very good, they are skilled, nice and they have a tremendous experience in Insurance and Banking Industry in China, UK. My experience in China made me mature, skilled, professional and open minded.

    Romain (26)Spain, Hotel Management Intern in Shanghai
  • I have learned a great deal about the discrepancies, as well as the parallels, between Chinese and Western culture, and have thus learned much about myself along the way. I have had a great time discovering the cultural differences in academic climate from observing my students, and look forward to each day at my job preparing them to assimilate in the opposite direction.

    Meghann (22)Spain, Hotel Management Intern in Shanghai
  •   I am Anna, a 22 years old Spanish girl. I recently graduated in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Decided to come to China because I wanted to improve my Chinese level as well as getting an internship experience in hotel management. I did a guest service manager Internship. China is a really surprising country, thanks to my internship I discovered a different way of working. Every day I learned a new thing and met so many nice people and friends. I will definitely come back to China!  

    Anna P. (22)Spain, Hotel Management Intern in Shanghai
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